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Join me in providing hope and healing for multiple myeloma patients in the southeast and beyond.

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With your help I know we can develop a multiple myeloma center of excellence that will provide excellent, compassionate care for multiple myeloma patients throughout the southeast region and across the country. I am asking you to join me in helping people living with multiple myeloma defy the odds of their diagnosis.

Won’t you consider joining me in this incredible effort?

To become part of the team that makes magic happen one more time you can do two things:

1. Make a one-time gift to the future multiple myeloma center of excellence in the southeast.

2. Share your story with a personal giving page and rally your own team to raise support for a multiple myeloma center for excellence in the southeast.

Thank you for joining me in making magic one more time.

A patient is five times more likely to survive multiple myeloma when treated at a comprehensive center. I love those odds.

Every person who battles cancer and accomplishes the mission of remission is an odds-beater, a champion, a warrior against this disease. I'm committed to seeing a major regional multiple myeloma center developed in the southeast. I'm committed to doing everything I can to bring hope and healing to those with multiple myeloma by making this dream a reality.

Years ago I was part of a magnificent team of people who defied the odds and brought an NBA franchise—the Orlando Magic—to central Florida. It was a lot of work, but now I know what it takes to beat the odds. It takes a dedicated team of like-minded people.

God has led me through my cancer battle. I believe God calls us at key moments in our lives to face a challenge, to serve Him, to serve others, and to discover deeper levels of character and faith within us. He rarely calls us at a time that's convenient for us—but when He calls, we must answer.